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09/21/08 09:54 PM #15    

Julia Simeonides (O'Connor)

They must have put something very special in the water when we were at West cause everyone looked great last night. It was wonderful to have an opportunity to catch up with everyone and thank you to Tara, Bill and whole crew involved for organizing it all! You guys ROCK!

09/22/08 09:15 AM #16    

Andrea Shapiro (Imperial)

Thank you to Tara & gang who helped put our 25th reunion together. I couldn't believe the turn out and how may Kingston Kids were there! I had a great time & it was wonderful to see everyone again! I hope everybody stays healthy & happy and hope to all of you before our 30th!!

09/22/08 09:26 AM #17    

Jodi Berman (Berman)

Great seeing everyone at the reunion - day & night.

Tara - Thanks for coordinating. Awesome job!

I hope the website grows and more classmates add profiles. This is a great way to stay in touch.

09/22/08 10:39 AM #18    


Dennis Smith

Thanks to Tara, Bill and all of the others who helped organize a great reunion. Time and tide waits for no man - but it is a comfort to slip slowly into the lapping waves of middle age with such a great group of people. All the best to West Class of 1983! -Dennis

09/22/08 06:42 PM #19    

Randee Robbins (Robbins)

It was so nice seeing averyone. Thank you for everyone who helped put this together. Especially, thank you Tara. Glad to see our former classmates are doing well and are happy.


09/22/08 10:30 PM #20    


Scott Canter

Hey guys,

The reunion was a great time. I think our class has a good bunch of people. Nice to see everyone at least once every twenty years - hehehe. Thanks for a special nite. Special thanks to Tara, Bill, Marshall, and whoever else may have helped.

ps Jodi - you got a wonderful kid.

09/24/08 09:04 PM #21    

Catherine Cunningham (Acito)

Thanks to Tara & Bill and everyone else who made our reunion happen.
It was so much fun to see everyone!! The website is great too!


09/25/08 09:15 AM #22    

Maria Fanelle (Lee)

Way to go on this website! I just found out about it.
It sure sounds like i missed a GREAT time at the reunion, but i look forward to catching up with all my friends. I check this every day now and i cant wait to talk to you all!!!!!

Now Im looking forward to our 30th!!!


09/26/08 11:22 AM #23    

Kimberly O'Donnell (Yoos)

WOW - the pics are great!!! I am kicking myself for not going to PJ's. So many faces I would have loved to have seen. Well, there's always #30 - yikes!! Post More Pictures!!

10/04/08 01:01 PM #24    

Mollie Dash

Sorry I didn't make it to the reuion, people! Looks like it was fun.

Like others have said, okay- there's always the 30th.

It's great to see what everyone is up to. I have to admit to being just a touch addicted to this website. I hope more people continue to add profiles.

I posted an extra special photo on my profile- check it out!

10/05/08 08:31 PM #25    


Todd Cohen

It's never too late to put a response since I really didn't know people were putting their comments here. I had a great time at the Camp. Going fishing and eating the barbecue ribs was alot of fun. But it was great to see lots of people that I looked better than. It was a lot of fun to see everybody. This website is great and Tara and Marshall did a great job. Unfortunately, I was talking too much and didn't get any pictures taken. I'm really looking forward to the 30th now. Now I always check this website and I'll put some pictures on it soon. Good luck to everybody and I'll see you at the 30th.

10/10/08 12:56 AM #26    

Alan Rind (Rind)

Great party Tara! Also good to see all of the boys! Good health, and happiness to all. From Alan Rind, Miami Beach, Florida

11/08/08 11:31 PM #27    

Matthew Verme

Tara, just came across the site and set up a profile. The site is awesome! I hope more people from school find it and add a profile.

Loved all the pics from the reunion. Sorry I missed it. Great idea to have a family function and one for the adults. Maybe I'll get to the next one.

Hope everyone from the class of '83 is doing great! I'm doing well (thanks for asking).

12/10/08 06:30 PM #28    


Scott Canter

Hope everyone has a Happy Holiday and a Super New Year!!!

From The Canter Family

12/14/08 08:52 PM #29    

Maryann Walsh (Menders)

Happy Holidays and Joyous New Year everyone!

The Menders Family

01/15/09 03:14 PM #30    

Kimberly O'Donnell (Yoos)

Hi. Just realized that if you google your own name, the profile page comes up with whatever pictures you have posted. Not sure I like that.

03/04/09 07:15 PM #31    

Jeff Shuman (Shuman)

Hi all,

This is in response to Tara's recent email, with ideas about self-help (within the class, job assistance, help wanted, etc.) and sponsoring a charity project.

My response concerns the job help idea. Certainly it sounds nice, and many of us would like to build on the momentum out of the reunion. But I would be wary of duplicating functionality that already exists, or adding to the data "load" of our lives. There are already good professional networks out there -- LinkedIn for example. Not to be nasty, but my West classmates are just one group of people from my past, and at this point it's a fairly distant past. It's been a long time since I worked with any of you, and vice versa. Would you feel comfortable recommending someone hire me based on what I was like 27 years ago? God, I hope not. I would be happy to link with people there (just email me and I'll give you my contact information if you need it), and I'll help if I can, but let's be realistic.

There are plenty of social networks out there too (e.g. MySpace -- which I don't use, and Facebook -- which I do use sometimes). I'm linked to some of you there, and I'm always open to more. What I'm not looking to do is duplicate information that's already available, and I certainly don't think the world needs another Web site full of stale personal data. If you could add another hour to your week, would you use it to update your social networking sites? I thought not -- me neither.

Just my 2 cents... and big thanks to Tara for her work on the reunion and this site, I know I've reconnected with lots of folks I never thought I would here from again.

03/09/09 12:30 PM #32    

Mollie Dash

I was visiting this site a lot more near the reunion date, but I seem to have forgotten about it lately. It might be better to set up a Facebook group to keep the announcements fresh and on peoples' minds.

I like the idea about contributing time and money to local Camden kids. My mom grew up in Camden and she stays involved through Camden High. Also her real estate company volunteers with Habitat for Humanity in Camden. Any help that city can get, I'm all for.

02/22/10 11:32 AM #33    


Steve Russell

Tara, Bill and Marshall;

I would like to thank you for putting up this web site, as well as all the time and trouble you gave on behalf of the CHHW class of 1983.

I decided to take a break at work today,I Googled, on a whim, "Cherry Hill High school West". I found this page.

I found some names of old friends. Now that I know how to spell them or what the new names are I can't wait to hit facebook when I get home :).

I would especially like to thank you for the pictures of the reunion, which I did not know about.

Looking at those pictures was both interesting and unsettling at the same time :)

I organize a few things myself, so I know how much trouble even the smallest of things can be.

Thanks much again for going to all of the trouble


07/27/11 07:30 AM #34    


Todd Cohen

Well it's only 2 years till our next reunion.  The time is coming very quickly.  Hope all of you will  be into it like I was on our 25th.  It was a fun time.  See you guys in 2 years.


Todd Cohen

02/10/13 03:09 PM #35    


Scott Canter

Hi All,

wow - 5 years went by already?  Will be nice to get together again.  Lets have some fun

02/21/13 04:42 PM #36    


Dennis Smith

Tara: If the ghost of reunions future visited you back in 1982-1983, would you still have run for class office if you realized that you'd be planning reunions in 5 year intervals for the rest of your life? Talk about something actually going on your "permanent record"! Thanks once again for "volunteering" to keep the tradition going - you are awesome!!!

04/07/13 12:43 PM #37    


Todd Cohen


   I totally agree with you in reference to Tara.  She is taking the bull by the horn and trying to give us a reunion.   So where is it?  Bruce Rymshaw has stated that we are having a small reunion at Kaminskis on April 27th from 7:30pm to 11:30pm.  Hope to see many of you there.  Where will the other reunion be that Tara does?  What ideas does she have?  


Todd Cohen

11/02/13 05:02 PM #38    


Steve Russell

I thought I would kickstart some current messages with the next reunion so near.

How is everyone?

Anyone know whatever happened to my long lost friends  Michelle Giletto, Jung Nam, Bob Perry or Jim Shin?

I deeply hope everyone is well

Have a nice weekend and an even better week

Steve Russell

01/18/15 12:26 PM #39    


Steve Russell

Hi all,

You don't have to go dig your yearbook out of your closet anymore when browsing this site.  I had my copy of our yearbook digitized.   I put it up on my site at:

It is a very large file so give it some time to load.   You can download it or other things there by putting your mouse pointer over the link or image you want, then right clicking your mouse to get a menu of what you want to dowload.  Mac user's can do the same, I think, by clicking their mouse while holding down their "Ctrl" button.

Tara Dillion Marcus,

I also extracted individual pictures of our classmates who passed on.   I don't know how much control you have over this site, but I thought it might be nice to put those pictures in our deceased classmate's profiles.    I put a link at the bottom of the page above for dowloading all of those pictures at once.

Have a good week everyone.


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