Marshall Jackson

Profile Updated: September 26, 2008
Residing In: Los Altos, CA USA
Spouse/Partner: Nadja
Occupation: Real Estate
Children: Sophia born in 2001


After leaving Cherry Hill and getting my BSEE from MIT, I moved to California. I worked for Intel, AT&T, Mitsubish, and a handfull of small start-up companies. Now, I'm done with the tech industry and I am in Real Estate. I own and manage low-income housing and cellular communication installations.

I've been married for 10 years to Nadja and we have a 7-year old daughter, Sophia, who is just starting 2nd grade.

I still play ice hockey 3 days a week and spend as much time in the Sierra Nevada Mountains (Lake Tahoe) as possible skiing. Nadja will be competing in a Triathalon in Monterey, CA the week before the reunion. I'll be the support team. Sophia is into Bugs, Lizards, and wildlife in general. At 7, she describes herself as an Entomologist and Herpetologist. . . really!

School Story:

I still have fond memories of our Soccer gang marching onto the field before games with a boom-box blaring 'Super Freak', our team's song. I hope to hear that song again at the reunion!

Then there was the Dan DePasquale incident on my front lawn. After overindulging and then purging in my yard, he asked me to call his mom and tell her that he was sleeping over at my house. . . His mom's response was 'Danny's been drinking and now he's sick!!! Give me directions to you house. I'm going to come get him RIGHT NOW!' Sorry Dan. I tried. I assume that Dan will have no recollection of this incident. . .

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Marshall Jackson's has a birthday today.
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Marshall Jackson's has a birthday today.
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Marshall and his Kinkajou friend in Cost Rica, 2008
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Marshall, Nadja and Sophia at Lake Tahoe
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My Hockey Team last year after winning a tourney in Vegas.