Our 30 Year Reunion!


Our 30th Reunion has passed, but we are leaving this information up so folks can see the plans.


Save the Date!   November 16, 2013


Hi All,

So we've waited thirty years for this -- it's still hard to believe all this time has passed! 

We've picked Maggiano's Italian restaurant at the good old Cherry Hill Mall for our reunion location.  http://www.maggianos.com/en/Cherry-Hill_Cherry-Hill_NJ/Pages/locationevents.aspx?Tab=2

Based on class member feedback, we've secured a spacious private room and are offering a menu of hearty appetizers and assorted yummy desserts. 

We are designing the evening to be a casual night full of fun, laughs and camaraderie.  The night will be filled with activities and lots of easy ways to interact - you definitely will not be bored.  If you are on the fence about coming don't think too hard about it, just say yes - we promise that you'll be glad you did! 

Here's what we've got planned for the evening:

7:00 pm      Mix & Mingle, Appetizer Buffet, Guess Who We Belong To? Picture Guessing Game

8:00 pm      Official Welcome!  Now & Then Video, Updates on Cherry Hill West

9:00 pm      Are You Smarter than A 12th Grader? 
                 (Utilizing current Cherry Hill West Students, featuring former teachers for questions)

10:15 pm    A No-Talent, Talent Show (Starring Us!!)
                  A Sweet Ending with a Sweet Table

12:00 pm    Good Night!


Do you have a favorite card trick?  Know how to fold a towel into a swan?  Play a mean harmonica?  Like to lip sync to a Miley Sirus song?  Now is the time to show off!  We are seeking acts for our "No Talent, Talent Show".  The bar is set low for talent and high for laughs and good natured fun.   There is an option to say yes you are interested when you register.  Or if you decide later that you'd like to do it, just give us a holler.

Your ticket includes one drink, an appetizer buffet until 10:00 am and a late night sweet table.  If you pay by check, the ticket price is $55, you make the check out to "Cherry Hill High School West 1983" and mail it to my address which will appear during the last part of the payment process.  If you pay by credit card or by Paypal, the price is $58 to cover the processing fee.  

There is also an option to contribute to sending the 6th grade students from this really amazing school in Camden called Sacred Heart School on their annual overnight camping field trip.  Any size donation ($10 or $100) gets you added to a 'Really Cool People List'.  (Finally, a high school dream realized!)  Note:  If this endeavor doesn't touch your heart or your donation dollars are ear-marked for other causes, please feel no obligation/pressure to give!   

Recommended attire is casual dressy (like you were going out to a nice restaurant).  

If you'd like to help out with the reunion, here are a few options:

  • Set-Up Volunteers - to help set the room prior to the reunion (from 4:00 - 5:00 pm).
  • Someone to coordinate the "Guess Who I Belong To?" wall of pictures (receive them from class mates, print them & arrange them on a foam-core board).
  • Folks to work the Welcome Table (from 7:00 - 9:00 pm - can work in one hour shifts)
  • Coordinators for the "Are You Smarter than a 12th Grader?" Game Show (design & organize it)  Also, if you have a 12th grader going to West now who would be 'game' for this game. 
  • Someone to reach out to past teachers, invite them to the reunion and ask them to come up with a few subject matter questions for our Game Show. 

If you'd like to find out more about what is involved or to volunteer, please email Tara:  Tara@DillonMarcus.com.  Note that you may not get an immediate response - I work on the reunion at designated times - please allow 3-4 days for a response!  Or you can call Tara directly @ 856.667.4641.  We will fill these volunteer spots on a first come, first serve basis.

We are encouraging folks who know that they are going to attend to register right away.  It helps us immensely from a planning perspective to know how many people are coming in advance. The deadline to purchase tickets is November 12th

If you plan on drinking, please arrange for a designated driver.  Here are numbers for local cab companies:

Colonial Transport:  856.942.2155  or Jazz Cab 856.373.6900

See you on Saturday, November 16th at 7:00 pm!

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Cherry Hill West 1983 30th Reunion (Saturday November 16 2013)

$55 if paying by check, $58 if paying by Paypal or Credit Card
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30thReunion Ticket - Check $55.00
30th Reunion Ticket - Paypal $58.00
30th Reunion Ticket - Credit Card $58.00
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